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Eye medicines come in two forms—ointment and drops.

Drops are easier to give but can sting a bit if the eyes are inflamed.

Ointment requires more control and less squirming because you have to get close to the eye.

3 Steps to Giving Your Baby Eye Medicine

  1. Hold baby still. You want to ensure that baby’s hands don’t get in the way. If you don’t have another person to help, you can “mummy” the baby in the burrito wrap. If an extra pair of hands is available, have that person hold baby’s head while you hold baby’s body so you don’t have a moving target. This gets harder as baby gets older! Newborns are easy enough to handle solo.
  2. Put baby on a soft surface. You will need to bend over your baby, so placing her on a couch, bed, or carpet will make giving the eye medicine easier, and less stressful for baby.
  3. Pull down the lower eyelid while holding the medicine in your dominant hand. Pulling the eyelid down will form a pouch into which you deliver the drops or a ribbon of ointment.
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