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On March 11th, Press Congress held by the Press Center of the Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress. In the congress, Wang Peian, Deputy Director of National Health and Family Planning Commission, talked about comprehensive Two-child again. He pointed out the Two-child policy has achieved initial success since its implementation. In 2016, the number of births in China is 18.46 million, which is the largest since 2000. This number of births increased by 140 thousand than the average annual number of births during the 12th Five-Year Plan. National Health and Family Planning Commission will worked with the relevant departments to further improve the related policies, give priority to the allocation of relevant public service resources, build a fertility-friendly social environment and encourage people to breed child according to policy.



With the full opening-up and active promotions of the Two-child policy, Mother, Baby & Child (Short for MBC) Industry would benefit first. According to the released data from China Children’s Industrial Research Center, 2016 China’s MBC industry market scale is more than 2 trillion yuan and it is expected to exceed 3 trillion till 2018. The Two-child policy bring huge consumption dividends for the market. China has become the world’s second largest MBC products consumer countries, just after the US.




The change of parenting idea and the upgrade of consumption patterns brings a long-term driving force and new changes to Chinese MBC market. Another feature of MBC industry is the separation of consumer and buyer. Thus, parents and relatives of children who are the buyer, their consumption ability determines the level of maternal and child consumption. At present, the crowd from 80’s and 90’s is the main consumer of MBC products in China. With the improvement of living standards, people in this generation not only focus on the safety and quality of MBC consumption, but also attention to the products’ brand and fashion. Moreover, China’s special family structure also determines that parents and grandparents will pay more attention to the investment of their third generation, and they will have higher requirements in MBC products. The 2017 International Brand of Mother, Baby and Child Expo (Guangzhou) would be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou during November 10th  to 12th with the joint effort of organization as follow, Guangzhou Commerce & Exhibition Promotion and Service Center, Guangzhou Banyan Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the four major international agencies Events PhD Limited(Britain)eWerks Inc.(Singapore)Peterek Inc.(Germany)CEM(HK) Wvent Solution Co., Ltd.. That symbolizes China’s first Mother, Baby Child Import Expo officially settled in Guangzhou.


As far as we know, this exhibition is the first time that Events PhD LimitedeWerks Inc.Peterek Inc.CEM(HK) Wvent Solution Co.,Ltd V2 Decoration Ltd.. officially land in mainland China and enter the MBC market here. According to the exhibition organizers responsible person, with the joint effort of four major international organizations, more than 500 international high–end brands from more than 20 countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and South Korea will collective debut. The exhibition will also provides collective display of considerable imported MBC products and services including daily necessities, food, toys, lathe, home textiles and service agencies. Besides, the exhibition would be a perfect mix of the most accurate supply and demand custom docking, the most attractive agent policy and the most favorable customer discount. Lets look forward to this high-end event bring a new development momentum for Chinese Mother Baby and Child industry and its consumer market.



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