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In 2015, the size of global children clothing market reaches 135.6 billion dollars, accounting for 12% of the global clothing market. In the past five years, the growth speed of children clothing market is higher than the speed of men and women clothing market. According to expectation, this trend has been continuing until at least 5 years later. In China, with the full implementation of Two-child policy, consumption of children clothing is increasing. From the relevant data, Chinese children clothing market is expected to break 150 billion in 2017.

Faced with such a big piece of cake, the major clothing brands even celebrities have been ready to seize the market.


Last week the same name brand as VICTORIA BECKHAM released a lot of children clothing products with cooperation of supermarket TARGET, the entire series of products are full of the designing feature of Victoria Beckham with a very favorable price. Last month, KANYE WEST, who designed YEEZY shoes, was reported by the SNAPCHA that he will release a children clothing brand for his daughter NORTH with the joint effort of his wife KIM KARDASHIAN. Pop singer Jay Z and BEYONCE five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter will have their own children clothing product line. And it is said perfume and cosmetics would also appear on the market.


Compared with those celebrities, major clothing brands act much faster. Those brands with good reputation like GUCCIDOLCE & GABBANABURBERRYVERSACEBALMAINSTELLA MCCARTNEY, etc. has independent children clothing line. And those middle-end and low-end brands both home and abroad such as GAPZARAH&MCOSJNBY, etc. has already enter this area.


And brand retailers have already taken action to meet the trends. High-end children clothing network business platform CHILDRENSALON.COM sell more than 280 designers brand children clothing to 110 countries customers. Its annual turnover reached 4.27 million pounds in 2015, increasing 51% compared with the same period last year. E-commerce of luxury goods FARFETCH and NET-A-PORTER have become aware of the markets potential. The former has started a special selling page for children clothing while the latter has pre-registered the domain name PETITE-À- PORTER which is used for the selling of children clothing in 2013.


Why does the children clothing market develop so rapidly in recent years?

One of the reasons is the rising of social media. In the social media era, parents as well as children are more concerned about the clothing than ever before. Sharing childs photos on social media then win someone elses appreciation for their child makes a lot of parents feel proud and heartfelt happy.

Another reason is that parents find a new way to express their love and expectations to their children by a variety of products. Compared with the investment in real estate, finance or other fields, the biggest investment of most Chinese parents in their lives is in their child. Moreover, this kind of investment is often lack of reasons because of love.

In the Chinese market, with the full implementation of Two-child policy, the number of newborn babies has maintained or even surpassed the current high growth rate. So the demand for infant and children clothing has risen up, which naturally promote the rapid development of childrens clothing at home.



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