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Recently, China Toy & Juvenile Products Association has released ‘2017 China Toys & Juvenile Products Industry Development Report’. The report shows that in 2016 about one-third of the families purchased 1,000 -1,500 Yuan of toys and 2,000-4,000 Yuan of durable baby goods for the whole year. The retail size of China's toy market is expected to reach 60.7 billion Yuan.

The consumption details in children toys is as follow, 32% of the families spend 1,000-1,500 Yuan in it for the whole year. The percentage of those consuming 500-1,000 Yuan and spending 1,500-2,000 Yuan in children toys are both 22%. Moreover, rate of families spending more than 2,000 Yuan in children toys is 19%. There is only a small number of families spend less than 500 Yuan.

From the toy classification, in 2016, 16% of Chinese family purchased remote control electronic toys, which accounting for the highest. Purchasing plastic stuffed toys, models and dolls, outdoors and sports toy equipments are 11%. Besides, the rate of electronic early educational toys, stuffed toys and wooden toys are 10%, 9% and 8%. Interestingly, the purchasing rate of game is the lowest, only 2%.

It is understood that in the field of durable baby goods such as baby strollers and chairs, in 2016, purchasing rates in Chinese family are as follow: 34% spent 2,000-4,000 Yuan, 26% expended 1,000-2,000 Yuan. Besides, 25% consumed 4,000-8,000 Yuan while 9% spent less than 1,000 Yuan and 5% expended over 8,000 Yuan.

In the field of easily consumed baby goods like milk power, diapers, feeding bottles, in 2016, the percentage and money that Chinese family spent in purchasing it is as following: 42% purchased 1,000-2,000 Yuan, 28% purchased 500-1,000 Yuan, and 23% was over 2,000 Yuan, only 6% was under 500 Yuan.

From the survey, 2017 the retail size of China's toy market is expected to reach 60.7 billion Yuan, which increase 9% compare with 2016. Among them, the market size of baby strollers would reach 12.3 billion Yuan, which increase 11%. And the children safety seats’ market scale will reach 6.1 billion Yuan, increasing 13%. Moreover, the market of bottles will reach 5.1 billion Yuan, increasing 12% than last year. Additionally, add with the complicated subdivided industry as milk power, diaper, baby clothing, the market size could up to hundreds of billions of dollars.

It is said that data of ‘2017 China Toys & Juvenile Products Industry Development Report’ come from more than 1,500 consumers of the network survey in China. In the nearly 3 months when these consumers were interviewed they have purchased baby products and children toys, which could reflect the situation and development of China’s toys and baby products industry.

It could be known from the data that Chinese parents’ purchasing situation in  children toys and baby products and a consumer market of hundreds of billions of dollars created by the purchasing. With the full-opening of Two-child policy, as the young generation of parents, especially parents groups of the 80s’ and 90s’, not only do they have an increasing demand on toys and baby products, but also have a more fashionable consuming concepts. What’s more, they would also emphasis more on quality and taste of their child’s lives. That predicts that young parents have realized the importance and positive role toys plays in their family. When we create a beautiful future for our children, the Chinese toys industry will meet a development upsurge at the same time.

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