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Chinese mother and child market enters an era of rapid growth with the stimulation of full implementation of Two-child policy, especially in rigid demand products like milk powder and diaper.

Demand of Middle-end and High-end maternal & child products has increased

In recent years, consumers’ high-end consuming demand in maternal and child products is increasing. From the Report of Chinese Maternal and Child Products Consuming Trends released by, we can know that milk powder and diaper accounting for the largest proportion from the consumption structure in maternal and child products from 2013 to 2015. Diaper and milk powder market with huge potential that China has, as well as the stimulation from the full implement of Two-child policy will promote these two industry development. Especially the demand in middle-end and high-end diaper and milk powder will becomes higher and higher. Data from General Administration of Customs shows that last year the number of milk powder import in China broke through 2 million tons, increasing nearly 90% than two years ago, 30% than last year.  


For this customer trends, E-business and cross border E-business platform like Tmall, and Amazon as well as offline markets such as Wal-Mart and Vanguard vigorously introduced high-end imported milk powder by its global procurement advantages.

Last year some imported diaper has an increase of 50% in its sales amount


In additional, data from maternal and child department in Tmall, Alibaba Corporation shows that online high-end milk powder reached an increase of 19.4% in 2016. Import brand was rapidly increased in E-business, reaching an increase of 25%. Domestic demand of import diaper is also strong. Reporters learned that as the top brand of import diaper, sales amount of Merries in Wal-Mart get an increase of 50% in 2016. Experts say that with the mature of market, consumers would have an brand awareness accumulation, they are willing to pay more. A preference of brand consume will affect purchasing decision easier.


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