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Maternal and child markets is explosive growth in recent years. Driven by the growth of newborns and consumption promotion, in the next five years, the maternal and child market is expected to be an annual growth rate of not less than 16%. The overall market size of about 4 trillion yuan by 2020.

With the full implement of Two-child policy, China will usher in a new round of fertility peak. It is expected that by the end of 2018, the size of the mother and child family will reach 286 million, the rapid expansion of the mother and child family brings great potential to the mother and child market.

      Research shows that by 2015 to 2020, the growth rate of demand in maternal and child market will remain at 15%. And the market size is expected to reach 3.6 trillion yuan by 2020. The current per capita consumption level in maternal and child market is 7748 yuan / year. Among them, maternal and child products accounted for 55.49%, services accounted for 44.51%.

Data show that the average growth rate of maternal and child market was 10%in nearly last 20 years, in the recent years was more than 15%. Expert pointed out that reasons for rapid growth in maternal and child market is as follow.

Firstly is because of the maintain growth of consumer. According to the research, the birth rate in China is expected to rise to 12.81% by 2018. With the arrival of a new wave of birth peak, maternal and child family size to further expand, which will lead to the demand for maternal and child products significantly increase.

Secondly is the full implement of Two-child policy, the demographic dividend further release. 2016 as the first year of full implement of Two-child policy, the number of newborns increased by 131 million than 2015. According to the State Health Commission expected, the annual population size will between 17 million to 19 million during the time of Thirteen Five-Year Plan.

Thirdly is the steady increase in disposable income of residents, maternal and child market is further expanded its scale. Data from 2017 China Maternal and Child Online Consumption Trend Report shows that in 2016 the new users in the maternal and baby market, the 70s generation and 90s generation is grew faster. Experts pointed out that the new generation of parents' income level generally increased, making the family disposable income further increase and the purchasing power of rising.

Last is the change in consumption structure bring new opportunities to development for the maternal and baby industry. Currently milk powder, food, cotton products and children's products are the biggest part of maternal and baby market, mainly involved in eating, wearing, using. However, market share of entertainment and education is smaller. In developed countries, the market share of entertainment and early education products is very large.

In the future these two types of consumption will be significantly improved in mother and infant market maternal and baby market.



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