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Here in Guangzhou, you can enjoy a very convenient and efficient public transportation. The distance between the GZ Baiyun International Airport and ISC is 38.3 km. You may choose taxi, subway, or buses. No matter which one you take, from the stations to ISC will just take you a few minutes.

By Taxi

For new visitors to Guangzhou, taking taxi is the most suggested way. Taxi can be found almost everywhere in the city and the prices are reasonable. Guangzhou taxi starting price is the former 2.5 km 10 Yuan Taxi fee in Guangzhou is 10 Yuan for the first 2.5 kilometers, more than 2.5 km, 2.6 Yuan/km. The required costs incurred by using the highway, toll roads or bridges should be borne by the passengers.


By Subway

Guangzhou's metro system opened in 1999. The network covers much of the city centre and is growing rapidly outward. The fare ranges from ¥2.00 to ¥12.00. Most of the signs and announcements are also in English. Tickets are bought from vending machines in the stations.

If you choose Subway to get to ISC from the GZ Baiyun International Airport, you may have 3 choices:

1, Metro Line 1 Airport ----- Tiyuxi Lu station (体育西站) ----- transfer to Line 3 ----- Kecun Station (客村站)------ transfer to Line 8 ,------ Pazhou Station(琶洲站)Exit A, Ticket price 5.00 Yuan.

2, Metro Line 2: Airport ------ ChangGang Station (昌岗站), ------ transfer to Line 8 ------ Pazhou Station(琶洲站)Exit A. Ticket Price 5.00 Yuan.

3, Metro Line 3: Airport ------ Kecun Station (客村站 ) ------  Line 8 ------ Pazhou Station (琶洲站) Exit A.  Ticket price 7.00 Yuan.


By Bus

There is also a comprehensive public bus service that covers Guangzhou from end to end. By far, it is the cheapest way to move around. Buses No.76137229262505564B7 can take you to the ISC. By anyone of the above buses, you may get off at Pazhou Station (琶洲站). The bus ticket usually is 2 Yuan for whole course. 


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